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What Is Flip This House 2010?

Flip This House 2010 is a non-partisan campaign to re-instill real values in our national politics. This isn't about Democrats or Republicans.... it’s about grassroots, tea-party, freedom-loving Americans uniting behind a common goal of turning the current statist political machine on its head.

Simply put, it's time to Flip This House!

Count Me In! I’m Ready To Flip This House!

As a patriotic American citizen, I am fed up with Big Government Statism that has dominated American political life for many years and has found a new level of prominence under President Barack Obama. It's time to turn the current statist political establishment on its head. That's why I am joining the "Flip This House 2010" effort. I put the principles of the Constitution first and will only support candidates for public office who reject Big Government Statism.

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I am also interested in the following issues:
Government Spending
Global Warming / The Environment
Second Amendment Rights
Freedom of Speech / Fairness Doctrine
Liberal Media Bias
Government Healthcare
Liberal Court Activism
Military / War in Iraq / Terrorism
Preserving Traditional Marriage
Right of the Unborn
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